I just happened to step into acting, and now I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

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musical theatre female character meme [1/15] 
a lead female character
Elizabeth/Liz/Beth, If/Then

Am I always starting over
In a brand new story
Am I always back at one
After all I’ve done

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Anonymous asked:
tag the captain swan pls! i'm sorry.

nono no need to be sorry i’ll tag them from now on!

also friends if anyone wants me to tag some ship/character pls let me know


"be patient"
“i’ve got all the time in the world”

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Meet the blogger: [7/9] Musicals
Love never dies
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Television dreams of tomorrow!
We’re not the ones who’re meant to  f o l l o w !

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Still here we go (x)

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harvey/mike + protective harvey

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Step 1, discredit the witnesses.
Step 2, introduce a new suspect.
Step 3, we bury the evidence.
We throw so much information at the jury that they walk into the deliberation room with one overwhelming feeling…doubt. That’s how you get away with murder.

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